Here are enumerated the papers where I expressed my gratitude to the institutions which gave me the possibility to realize my projects and to the numerous persons who encouraged and helped me : outstanding masters, colleagues in the Jewish studies or other disciplines, sometimes from the fields of the hard sciences, and also my students in the École Pratique des Hautes Études.

No tribute is in English.

To my parents, Albert and Laura Salamon, I dedicated my first book.

To L. Holtz, who was a director to the first institution I worked in (Institut de Recherche et d'Histoire desTextes, CNRS, Paris) was dedicated the art. 159. Art. 139 tells the story of the teaching of Jewish Studies in the École Pratique des Hautes Études, the institution where, in 1969, was created for me a chair of Hebrew Medieval Paleography.

To Georges Vajda who introduced me to the world of Hebrew manuscripts of the Middle Ages and guided my first steps, are dedicated art. 49 and 172; to Shlomo Pinès who advised me in my studies of Jewish and Arabic philosophies, art. 93 (in Hebrew). I dedicated my book Writing as Handwork to three of my Masters : Jean Mallon, Sir Eric G. Turner and Sir Ernst H. Gombrich. For Gershom Scholem, most efficient supporter of the Paleography Committeein Israël, I wrote art. 171 (in Italian). I express my thanks toLéon Gilissen (in art. 61), Jean Irigoin (art. 167), Emmanuel Poulle: the three of them did actively participated to the shaping of all of our paleographic publications.

I am grateful to many other scholars: André Neher (art. 38), Frank Talmage (art. 114), Henri-Jean Martin (art. 129), André Vernet (art. 140), Giuseppe Sermoneta (art. 142), Charles Touati (art. 145), Israel Adler (art. 147), Albert van der Heide (art. 164), Jacqueline Hamesse (art. 170).

My friend Olga Weijers has opened for me the doors of Medieval universities (art. 173); Denise Sadek-Khalil showed me the human and therapeutic aspects of Gustave Guillaume's historical linguistics (art. 174); René-Samuel Sirat supported my efforts since our common youth and he goes on giving me help every time he is able to do so (art. 127).